The Pioneers

Micro Connect brings global capital to China’s small businesses, for shared success with the power to uplift the lives of millions.

No strangers to transformation, our founders, Charles Li and Gary Zhang, share a vision to connect global capital and Chinese enterprises, and today they lead a skilled and experienced team of investment professionals who value precision, intelligence, and scale. Together, they continue to pioneer an approach to investment that is grounded in Micro Connect’s innovative 'SHARPE' strategy: a new way to invest.

About Micro Connect

Micro Connect is developing a new exchange group, focused on delivering new financial infrastructure for a new and more inclusive market that has yet been tapped by traditional finance. We seek to connect global capital with China’s grassroots economy, pioneer a distributed investment paradigm, and create an economically inclusive and socially impactful financial market.

We have a 10-year social goal of enabling 1 million small businesses to achieve an annual profit of RMB 1 million, supporting 10 million of their workers in achieving an annual income of RMB 100,000, and helping 100 million people of their communities achieve their “Common Prosperity” aspirations.

By integrating end-to-end solutions for both investors and issuers, our three platforms (MC Investments, MC Markets, MC Issuer Services) form a Micro Connect ecosystem that generates quality returns for investors on one hand and supports the healthy growth of small businesses on the other.


Enabling 1 million small businesses to achieve an annual profit of RMB 1 million


Supporting 10 million workers in achieving an annual income of RMB 100,000


Helping 100 million people achieve their “Common Prosperity” aspirations


Micro Connect Investments

Investment management

A platform for investors seeking quality returns through a brand new diversification and deployment strategy


Micro Connect Markets

Market infrastructure

A digital exchange servicing revenue-based, digitally collected and real-time disclosed investments


Micro Connect Issuer Services

Issuer Services

A social network and service platform connecting entrepreneurs, businesses and capital

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