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Welcome to Yang Ji Long Fu, a brand serving Jianghu cuisine, and one of many brands affected by the pandemic in China. With original plans to open a flagship store in Chengdu, Yang Ji Long Fu had to postpone it due to increasing cases. Nevertheless, the company continued to pay all its store employees, emphasizing the importance of treating employees like family.

In 2022, Yang Ji Long Fu was ready to expand into the Chengdu market and selected to open its flagship store in Taikoo Li Chengdu, a large outdoor mall at the center of the city. Store manager Liu Juan and her staff spent several months preparing for the opening through store renovations and training its over 50 employees. On August 8th, the proposed opening day, Liu received news from the company that due to a rebound in the pandemic, everything had to be put on hold indefinitely.


This significant wave of Covid in China and the unknown duration of restrictions was disconcerting to Liu. Nevertheless, despite zero business and the store being closed, Yang Ji Long Fu never delayed or stopped paying Liu and her 50+ employees, something Liu is extremely grateful and proud of. “Behind each person is a family, and we must cherish our employees,” she said. As the wave subsided, Liu was finally able to successfully open her store a month after initially planned.


Nowadays, Yang Ji Long Fu’s Chengdu store is constantly buzzing with business, something Liu attributes to the incredible consumption recovery in post-pandemic China. On the fourth day of the 2023 Lunar New Year, the store had an incredible 700-person queue of over three hours, marking the moment Liu and her employees realized that China’s consumer economy had truly returned to its vibrant, bustling, and exciting former self.

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