Goodliness Store - For the Family

Meet Huang, a single father whose perseverance and determination have stabilized his family’s life. A messy divorce, unemployment, and a failed business venture are the debilitating obstacles Huang has had to deal with in his life. Yet today, he raises his young family happily in his very own convenience store, a well-deserved achievement.

Huang Xu seemingly had his life all figured out from an early age. Following his graduation from university, he took over his family’s business, got married, and started his own family. Many of his peers and friends envied his life and wished someday to be like him.



However, a messy divorce sent Huang’s life spiraling, and he soon found himself unemployed, single, and with a baby son. The difficult path ahead was a great contrast to Huang’s previous life, and his outlook on life took a bleak turn. “During that time, life plummeted, and I was not myself.”



Nevertheless, Huang conjured up the motivation, strapped up, and started again. He began an Internet café with his sister, investing all his savings and time into building the business. Then, the pandemic hit. Not before long, the single father once again found himself jobless with no savings or income.



After a lengthy and difficult period of anxiety and depression, Huang once again made the important decision to press on for both him and his young child. He spent months renovating an empty store he owned, and with the help of Goodliness, turned it into a convenience store.


Fast forward a few years, Huang’s convenience store has now become the focal point of his neighborhood, as well as his child’s place of upbringing. It seems that finally, after a decade of turmoil, Huang’s life has settled, and he can now confidently and financially support his family.

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