Goodliness Store - Hard Work Pays Off

Meet Wang Rong, an ambitious and outgoing individual who owns her own convenience store. Passion and hard work personified, Wang Rong spent five years working a minimum wage factory job before finding her calling in convenience store work. Starting from attendant, Wang Rong worked all the way up to owning her very own store.

Fifteen years ago, 19-year-old Wang Rong began working on a factory assembly line. Her hours were grueling, and she worked an average of 13 hours a day for minimum wage. Despite her unhappiness due to these difficult working conditions and her meager income, a lack of opportunities kept Wang Rong in the job for five years.



An ambitious and outgoing individual, Wang Rong always had her eyes set on something greater – a place where she could feel valuable, and more importantly, could interact with others. This landed her a role in retail. While an improvement, she continued to feel uninspired and ended up leaving her job for a convenience store position after a year.


The convenience store is where something clicked. Despite some tedious tasks, Wang Rong felt there was something tangibly human about the work. The store was a place where all walks of life came together – a place with a sense of community.


Wang Rong’s attention to detail, dedication to her work, and enthusiasm quickly caught the eye of regulars and Goodliness’s management team, and she swiftly worked her way up to store manager.



After five years of hard work as manager, now 34-year-old Wang Rong has saved enough to open her own convenience store under Goodliness and settle down in the city. Her story is an inspiration to many of those who work at her store, encouraging them to work hard and someday have their own business as well.


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