Goodliness Store - A Mother's Perseverance

Meet Liping, a convenience store owner who epitomizes the dedication and never-give-up attitude of mothers everywhere. Initially sacrificing her career to care for her children, financial troubles in the family forced Liping to step back into the workforce. Although a number of setbacks, Liping continued to work hard and ended up owning her own convenience store.

Ye Liping was born and raised in Taixing, Jiangsu. When she was younger, she considered herself to be an energetic, driven, and fit individual. However, as many young women do, she sacrificed her job opportunities to become a full-time mother, taking on the burden of caring for her children and family.



7 years later, Liping’s family began going through financial troubles, so she decided to try and find work. With little experience under her belt, Liping struggled to find opportunities. After a while, Liping was offered a job at a convenience store, a position she apprehensively accepted. Despite her inexperience, Liping began finding some similarities between motherhood and her tasks at the store, such as her morning routine of steaming buns, boiling noodles, and organizing shelves.


Slowly, as Liping gained experience, she felt more and more ready to take a step up to become store manager. When she finally landed an interview for a management role, Liping spent three months studying for it. However, she was unsuccessful due to her lack of confidence.



Despite this rejection, Liping remained driven, with her manager voicing his support and belief in her potential as well. Liping continued to work in the store, building her reputation among her coworkers as a driven, meticulous, and confident employee. Not before long, Liping not only landed herself a management role, but her very own convenience store as well.

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