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Meet Romanlin, China’s largest domestic ice cream brand that prides itself in its diversity, equity, and inclusion. Apart from serving delicious ice cream and teas catered to the tastes of Chinese consumers, the brand boasts a number of early-stage female investors, female store owners, veteran workers, and workers with disabilities.


Romanlin is China’s largest domestic ice cream brand that has built its success upon its ability to create unique items that cater to the tastes of Chinese consumers. Through their creative use of Chinese-style teas, fresh fruit, and other ingredients, Romanlin’s consistent and high-quality products has become a staple in the lives of China’s young consumers.


Beyond being a highly successful ice cream business, Romanlin is also extremely proud of their company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion. Women have played a major role in the development of the brand, with several female investors investing during its growth stage. Nowadays, a large proportion of the brand’s 200+ stores in China are owned by women and hire a significant number of youths as well.


Furthermore, given the Founder’s family background in the military, the company has for a long time made a conscious effort to employ veterans and people with disabilities. While the number of veterans and people with disabilities working in stores is not as high as they’d like, Romanlin’s factories and massive supply chain network are the workplaces for many of these often-overlooked groups.


Romanlin hopes to carry its unique love and understanding of ice cream worldwide. While their goal is to expand to no more than 3,000 stores domestically, they have already begun their plans to expand to international markets such as Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

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