[MACAO, February 6, 2024] A group of 23 trendy consumer stores in China’s Sichuan province have successfully raised RMB 31.22 million by listing their Daily Revenue Obligations (DROs) on MCEX.

The 23 DROs represent stores under 6 popular consumer brands in Sichuan covering a broad array of segments from boutique Sichuan cuisine, local skewers, traditional Chinese medicine therapy to live entertainment, street fashion brand, and community cinemas. The DROs have attracted a wide range of investors, including the Micro Connect Leadership Fund, Panthera Fund, and experienced investors in the local consumer sector. Some of these investors subscribed to the DROs through MCEX member Oriental Patron Securities Limited.  

The successful listing of the 23 DROs is a testament to MCEX’s commitment to developing a market-driven, open-source exchange platform for DRO issuance and trading, following the release of its Market Accepted Protocol (MAP) on January 16, 2024. MCEX will continue to leverage the strengths of intermediaries, brands, investors, and other market participants to fund micro and small businesses.

For details of DROs, visit the MAP for more information: https://mt.microconnect.cc




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Micro Connect connects global capital with small businesses. Officially launched on August 3, 2023, Micro Connect Macao Financial Assets Exchange (MCEX) is a global exchange platform for the revenue-sharing asset class and represents Macao’s new endeavor to promote the development of innovative finance and Micro Connect’s mission to provide micro and small businesses with access to sustainable and affordable funding. As of the end of December 2023, more than 10,000 micro and small businesses had raised nearly RMB 4 billion from global investors through the platform.

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