A group of 22 stores under six top Chinese consumer brands in the food & beverage and service industries successfully raised RMB 14.887 million by listing Daily Revenue Obligations (DROs) on MCEX, according to an announcement on MCEX website.

The subscribers to the 22 DROs included consumer retail funds, private equity funds, and other financial institutions, such as Panthera Fund, Keywise Capital Management (HK) Limited, Cypress Hong Kong Limited Partnership Fund, Oriental Patron Securities Limited, Carnegie Hill Capital Partners Limited, and Giltsquare Partners Limited, as well as professional investors who subscribed through MCEX’s member brokers. The Micro Connect Leadership Fund’s subscriptions were partially financed through its US$15 million term loan facility with Hang Seng Bank.    

Xita Laotaitai (Brand Code: SHXT), a popular Chinese barbecue chain, raised RMB 2.885 million by listing two Daily Revenue Obligations (DROs) with a contract period of 3.3 years on MCEX.

According to MCEX data, by March 5, 2024, Xita Laotaitai had raised RMB 8.239 million through the issuance of five DROs. Xita Laotaitai operates 413 stores across China.

Wuerhezi (Brand Code: WEHZ), a premier French restaurant chain in China, raised RMB 4.879 million by listing seven Daily Revenue Obligations (DROs) with a contract period of three to four years on MCEX.

According to MCEX data, by March 5, 2024, Wuerhezi had raised RMB 14.33 million through the issuance of 21 DROs. Wuerhezi is among China’s leading French restaurant chains, boasting locations in over 15 major and prominent second-tier cities, along with a dedicated fan base across various social media platforms.

Zhu Ge Ge (Brand Code: ZGGL), China’s top pork trotter rice chain, raised RMB 3.328 million by listing five DROs with a contract period of three years on MCEX.  

According to MCEX data, by March 5, 2024, Zhu Ge Ge had raised RMB 809,000 by issuing five DROs. With strategic investment from China’s renowned hot pot chain Ba He Li, Zhu Ge Ge has become a widely popular pig trotter rice chain, operating over 250 stores across more than 50 cities in 12 provinces nationwide, including Central Business District office buildings and surrounding communities.

Su Man Xiang (Brand Code: SMXX), China’s leading vegetarian buffet chain, raised RMB 2.006 million by listing three DROs with a contract period of four years on MCEX.

According to MCEX data, as of March 5, 2024, Su Man Xiang had raised RMB 1.364 million through the issuance of four DROs. Founded in 2012 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Su Man Xiang has become a leader in the vegetarian buffet industry over the past decade. Operating more than 100 vegetarian restaurants across over 30 cities in 10 provinces, it has welcomed a total of over 100 million customers.

The Luzhou Feast (Brand Code: LZYJ), China’s leading wedding banquet chain, raised RMB 1.644 million by listing a DRO with a contract period of five years on MCEX.

According to MCEX data, by March 5, 2024, the Luzhou Feast had raised RMB 3.17 million through the issuance of a DRO. The Luzhou Feast is a one-stop wedding and banquet chain headquartered in Hefei, Anhui. Established in 2020, it features four chain stores and is positioned in the mid-to-high-end market.

One Hour (Brand Code: YXSK), China’s leading mobile repair chain, raised RMB 145,000 by listing four DROs with a contract period of two years on MCEX.

This was the first time that One Hour listed DROs on MCEX. As China’s premier mobile phone repair chain, it operates 2,000 stores across over 300 cities in 29 provinces nationwide. Boasting a standardized training and management system, One Hour has amassed over 2 million members and serves more than 10 million customers annually.

MCEX is dedicated to creating a market-driven, open-source exchange platform for the issuance and trading of DROs. Since launching its Market Accepted Protocol (MAP) on January 16, 2024, the platform has actively harnessed the strengths of intermediaries, brands, investors, and various market participants to support funding for micro and small businesses. Over the upcoming weeks, a cluster of stores representing diverse brands will list their DROs on MCEX, further enriching a widely engaged DRO-focused investment and financing ecosystem.



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