This is an open letter (available in Chinese) from us to the existing and aspiring owners of the vast number of diverse small businesses that serve as the backbone of the Chinese economy. We wish to convey, through this letter in Chinese, our appreciation and admiration for these impressive entrepreneurs and, more importantly, our firm conviction in becoming their long-term financing partner in their journeys ahead.

In the letter, we want to answer the following questions:


  1. Why do we want to focus on small businesses?
  2. Why do we firmly believe in the value of small businesses?
  3. How can we support small businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them?

Small businesses form a unique community. Not only are they embedded in every aspect of our everyday lives, they also represent the very spirit of strong work ethics and entrepreneurial aspiration of millions of small business owners across China who try to build a better future for themselves and their families. They are the foundation of China’s economic development. As the driving force behind one of the most dynamic and vibrant segments of the economy, these entrepreneurs deserve our admiration, our support and, most relevantly here, our capital investment.


We believe small businesses, if properly constructed as an investment portfolio, represent a great investment opportunity. Recent development in China’s digital economy has substantially increased the interconnectedness and transparency of small businesses, finally opening up the possibility to invest in them at a scale and with a level of diversification that has not been achieved before. It is indeed a blue ocean, or a “new world”, for global institutional investors, and this is the right destination for global capital as investors will be funding, in the most direct manner possible, the very people that drive the growth of China’s real economy while generating sustainable and quality returns.

Our mission, therefore, is to empower numerous small businesses and be their long-term partner along their value creation process, delivering growth capital that is tailored to their development needs. The long-term capital support we provide seeks to share in their growth and risks, reward them for their hard work and enhance their cash flow certainty.


To the many existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, the impressive growth in the Chinese economy is a result of their hard work. We wish to connect them with resources, both capital and operating, to unlock their true potential, and we will create a platform for fellow entrepreneurs who share similar visions, face similar struggles, and more than all, possess similar conviction and aspiration for a better tomorrow. Together, a better future will be in their own hands.


For more of our genesis, investment plan and strategy, we invite you to read our Open Letter to the Investment Community and a blog post written by Charles.

Charles Li | Gary Zhang